Blacksburg Newcomers Club


The Blacksburg Newcomers Club is soliciting requests for the 2017-2018 year for organizations who might benefit from either a collection drive and/or volunteers.

Please feel free to apply for both a collection drive and volunteering, and if you prefer us to consider one request over another, indicate that as well. Your letter should include the following information with regards to each:

For a collection drive, please let us know what items you wish to solicit (generally fewer is better) and if you have a preference of season or month for your collection for some reason.

For recruiting volunteers on a weekly, monthly or by event basis, please provide your specific needs with dates and details.

Have your letter of request in by August 10 at the latest even if you are unable to provide all the necessary details by that time.

Note: There is no formal application to fill out. Send as an attachment with the details via email to: with “ATTENTION Pat Marcolini re: Community Outreach Application” in the subject line.