Christianburg’s Fall Cleanup continues through Oct. 18


The Town of Christiansburg’s annual Fall Cleanup is underway and continues through Friday, Oct. 18.

During this time, the town will collect special items placed out at the curb at no cost to the resident. These special materials must be placed out on the resident’s regular garbage collection day. (Note: The special collection trucks may run behind schedule due to volume but will attempt to follow the regular solid waste pickup schedule.) While there is no charge for items picked up during this time, there will be a charge assessed for items placed out after Oct. 18.

Items must be placed within 10 feet of the street pavement and must be placed in piles separate from normal trash. Loose materials must be placed in bags and/or containers not exceeding 32 gallons. Place piles at least three feet from any objects (including garbage and recycling containers).

During Fall Cleanup, all residents are strongly encouraged to move any items away from the street that are not intended for pickup (i.e. basketball goals, lawn and gardening equipment, personal cans or containers, etc.). It can be difficult for cleanup crews to determine which items are intended for pickup and which are not, so please move all personal property back from the street.

Any containers or personal cans left at the street will be removed with cleanup items unless clearly marked “do not remove.” The town will not be responsible for any items left at or near the street that residents did not intend to have hauled away.

Items the town will pick up during Fall Cleanup include furniture; appliances including sinks and tubs (limit two per household); passenger car and truck tires (limit four per household, no larger than 20 inches); tire rims; tree limbs, trimmings and brush; leaves (bagged only) but unbagged leaves can be placed loose during leaf collection, which will run Nov. 4 through December, weather permitting; landscape timbers; paint cans and sealer cans (only if open and dry; paint will not be accepted); barrels/drums (only if dry, ends are removed and did not contain hazardous material); railroad ties/timbers (limit 5 per household.

You should separate materials into piles by material type. Pile bagged leaves, tree limbs and trimmings in separate piles. Pile tree limbs four inches in diameter and smaller separate from logs and tree limbs larger than 4-inches. Logs must have a maximum length of four feet. Please remove all limbs. Do not block drainage ditches, gutters and sidewalks, water meters and sewer cleanouts.

Items the town will not pick up during Fall Cleanup include any construction and demolition materials (including but not limited to wood, metal, concrete, stone, etc., except as noted above); heavy machinery; automobile parts or accessories; kerosene heaters; fuel oil tanks of any size; commercial truck, tractor/trailer tires;

hazardous household wastes such as paint, pesticides and cleaning chemicals; tree/brush materials associated with land/lot clearing for construction; tree stumps; pressurized containers; and electronic components such as televisions and computers.

Residents are encouraged to call Public Works at (540) 382-1151 for clarification before placing out questionable items. Information can also be found on the town website at or by calling Town Hall at 382-6120.