Eagle Construction to build Midtown townhomes

Townhomes similar to these will be built by Eagle Construction in Midtown in 2020.

A Richmond-based firm, Eagle Construction of Virginia, is partnering with the Midtown redevelopment team to build the single-family townhomes in the new community at the old Blacksburg Middle School site.

“We’re pleased and excited to have Eagle join the team,” said Jim Cowan, a Midtown partner and spokesperson. “Eagle has a lot of experience building homes in mixed-use communities in the Richmond, Williamsburg and Hampton Roads areas. Their homes are not only beautiful, but also are high-performance.” During Blacksburg’s review process last spring, the Midtown team used images of the same homes that Eagle is offering.

“Mixed-use communities are more successful when they incorporate top-quality building designs that suit the lifestyles and work styles of residents, visitors and employees,” said Josh Goldschmidt, president of Eagle Construction. “Our townhome communities are very successful in many different localities in Virginia, and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to building a vibrant new community in Blacksburg,” he said.

More than 150 households have indicated interest in buying a Midtown townhome. The list includes Virginia Tech faculty members, retirees and business leaders. Last week, Eagle reached out to interested homeowners to introduce themselves and begin the process. Initial home buyers will be able to select their floor plan, exterior and amenities, depending on their interests and budget, according to Goldschmidt.

Eagle has established a web portal for interested Midtown owners (www.eagleatmidtown.com). A Blacksburg-based design center is planned to open in 2020.Eagle expects to begin construction on the initial homes in May 2020. Eagle typically builds to Pearl specifications for reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability.