New River Valley Voices seeking poetry/prose submissions


New River Valley Voices is now accepting poetry and prose submissions from NRV writers.

Valley Voices is an all-volunteer group started by local writers. The groups mission is to provide NRV writers with a quality forum where they can share their work in a place that lies between the extremes of highly competitive literary journals and open-mic venues; to grow and nurture audiences for the literary arts; and to support local writers.

Selected works will be read aloud by their authors at the Spring Valley Voices Writing Celebration on Saturday, April 5, 2020, at 3 p.m. at the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library at 200 Miller St. in Blacksburg.

Writers of all ages — including students — are urged to submit samples of their work. They may submit up to three poems with a maximum of 65 lines per poem and/or one or two prose entries. The latter may be short stories, creative non-fiction or standalone excerpts from a longer work with a cumulative total of 2,200 words. One or two flash-fiction entries, each 750 words or less, are also welcome.

The jury’s selections will be based on literary merit and assessment of how the piece complements the overall presented program. Only unpublished works that have not been presented in a public venue in the NRV are eligible.

The submission deadline is Feb. 11, 2020.