Parking changes in place for Saturday’s home football game


Virginia Tech Parking and Transportation Department has served notice that to accommodate the increased volume of vehicular traffic on campus, the following parking and traffic changes will be in place for the Oct. 12 home football game versus Rhode Island.

Vehicles must be removed from the lots specified below or be subject to towing.

Friday, Oct. 11

The following lots and roads will be restricted to no additional parking after 5 p.m. All vehicles must be removed from these lots and roads by 8 p.m.:

Litton–Reaves/Wallace Lots (located off Washington Street and Duck Pond Drive)

Coliseum Lot (located off Washington Street and Beamer Way)

Stadium Lot

Chicken Hill Lot

Track/Field House Lot (on Beamer Way)

Vet–Medicine Lot (northside only)

Health and Safety Lot (located off Research Center Drive)

Food Sciences Lot

Maintenance Lot (located off Southgate Drive)

Engel/Cheatham Halls Lot

Price Hall Lot

Davidson Hall Lot

Smithfield Lot (located off Smithfield Road)

Architecture Annex–Media Lot

Lower Stanger Lot

Rec Field Lot (off Research Center Drive)

Wright House Lot

Hahn Lot

Duck Pond Drive Lot (the Cage); only the commuter/graduate interior section at the south end of the lot near Vet-Med.

Beamer Way

Duck Pond – Overflow Lot (located off Oak Lane)

Perry Street Lot #3

Hahn Hurst Lot and the Basketball Extension Lot

VTES/University Library Storage Facility Lots

Washington Street (parallel spaces from West Campus Drive to Kent Street)

West Stadium Lot (small lot adjacent to the stadium)

Commuter, graduate, and resident student vehicles parked along the outside perimeter of the Duck Pond Road Lot (the Cage) must be relocated by 5 p.m. All resident student vehicles must be removed from the Stadium and Chicken Hill Lots by 8 p.m.

Resident students may park in one of the following areas:

The resident section of Duck Pond Drive Lot (the Cage) interior spaces only. The perimeter of the lot is reserved for RV vehicles.

After 5 p.m. on Friday, Prices Fork Lots #5 and #6

Please note that resident students must be back in the resident lots by 7 a.m. Monday, Oct. 14.


For more information, contact Parking and Transportation at 540-231-3200.