Children’s literature course offered at NRCC this summer


A course in Children’s Literature (ENG 250-35, class # 17327) will be offered beginning May 22 during summer term at New River Community College.

English professor Megan Doney, who holds an MFA in Writing for Young People, is the instructor for this course offered through NRCC’s distance education department. The course surveys the history, development and genres of children’s literature, focusing on analysis of text or literary qualities. Internet access required.

The course includes: the history of children’s literature, defining traits of various genres of children’s literature (e.g., picture books, fantasy and poetry), analysis and evaluation of specific works of children’s literature, the role of children’s literature in contemporary culture, comic books and graphic novels, and poetry, critical/theoretical approaches to these readings (e.g., psychological, formalist, feminist and learning/developmental), and critical reading and writing.

Doney says, “I believe that literature has the power to shape how we see others and ourselves, to create empathy, to spark curiosity, and to motivate change. Bringing children into that world from a young age is something that every adult in a child’s life can do.”

She adds, “The class is great for teachers who need to take a class for professional development, continuing education or degree completion.”

Summer term registration is in progress. Registration information is available at

— Submitted by Kelly Kaiser