Christiansburg Pharmacy kick-off event offers health checks, lunch and personalized service


Christiansburg Pharmacy (470 North Franklin Street) is hosting a Kick-Off Event Friday, July 26 from 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Welcoming the community to meet the pharmacists Jay Newman, Matt Rease and owner Sen Marimuthu, the business will offer health screenings including cholesterol checks, glucose checks, and weight management consultations and the personal service of an independent pharmacy.

“While the quality of medications and products are regulated no differently than a big-box store, locally owned and operated independent pharmacies, like ours, are now distinguished by providing services that would be deemed impractical or unprofitable by the chains,” Manager Michael Quinones said in an email.

In addition to traditional pharmacy services, Christiansburg Pharmacy services include free local delivery, compounding medications, flu-shots at local businesses during their workday and facilitating healthcare discussions at retirement homes.

“We offer dose-packed medications for improved patient safety and compliance, have more flexibility on pricing and make it a standard to work with your provider for alternatives to expensive medications,” Quinones said.

The Christiansburg Police Department will be onsite at 10:30am conducting child safety-seat installations and training.

A bouncy castle will be set up for the children, and hot dogs by Sam’s Hot Dog Stand, drinks, chips, and dessert will be provided free of charge between 11am and 2pm.

The Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a ribbon cutting at noon.

Christiansburg Pharmacy is the sister pharmacy to Blacksburg Pharmacy and opened its doors late 2018.

Quinones pointed out that larger pharmacies are usually supplied by one wholesaler, but smaller pharmacies can use multiple wholesalers allowing them to pass savings to their customers, decreasing the chances of medications becoming out of stock or unavailable.

To always keep our pharmacists and technicians accessible, said Quinones, Christiansburg Pharmacy offers a drive- thru, free delivery, immunizations, consultations, medication compounding along with traditional pharmacy services, the announcement of the opening said.