Stormwater Superheroes


Submitted photos

This dynamic father and daughter duo, Payton and Jerome Thomas, recently accomplished the Stormwater Superhero Scavenger Hunt together. The outreach event is coordinated by the Radford Public Library (RPL), the City of Radford’s Engineering Department and Radford’s GIS Coordinator. The Thomases picked up the scavenger hunt brochure at RPL and, following the brochure map, visited several special sites in Radford. “These two are Stormwater Superheroes for exploring unique places in Radford together and learning about ways to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff,” said RPL Director Elizabeth Sensabaugh. “Be like Payton and Jerome – keep the New looking new!” Anyone who completes the scavenger hunt gets a free tee-shirt, and Sensabaugh said there is still time to participate. “Shirts are still available so please pick up a brochure, play, and get your free shirt when you show us your photos,” she said. “Learn about stormwater runoff, enjoy some fabulous Radford sites, and earn a cool, free tee!”