Summer color in Blackburg water art, bicycles and railroad heritage

Color and movement on the Huckleberry Trail at Miller Street on a summer evening as joggers and walkers pass Orange ROAM shareables waiting beside artist Ben Orndorf’s sidewalk mural, part of Blacksburg Stormwater Mural Project. Monarchs and tributaries on Miller Street at the library.
In a train of color, the art of Katy Shepard ornaments Cambria. The train crossing is splashed with train heritage. Further down the street, two storm drains are adorned with a flower with bees and imagined as a frog with lilies.
Local artist Nikki Pynn works in blues, blues and more blues on a Draper Street sidewalk, part of Blacksburg’s public art project dedicated to raising water-awareness. In August, Pynn will be preparing a mural in Christiansburg painting it all in a single day.