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Radford residents thanked by Virginia State Police for hand-made memorial

Radford VFW Commander Gary Harris and Darrell Reed presented state police with a hand-made memorial of a kneeling trooper paying tribute to fallen officers.

This week, Radford residents, Gary Harris and Darrell Reed, presented state police Wytheville Division Commander, Capt. Bob Chappell, with a wooden memorial they made.

In an announcement that was shared with the Wytheville Division media list, which includes Roanoke TV stations, the Virginia State Police Wytheville Division Headquarters stated it was honored to receive this special memorial made to honor Division personnel killed in the line of duty.

“We wanted to honor the members of [the Wytheville] Division 4 who gave their lives in the line of duty by putting their names on this artwork for all to see and remember,” Mr. Harris, who is also Commander of the VFW Post in Radford, said.

The memorial features a life-sized, kneeling trooper paying tribute to the Wytheville Division’s fallen.

The grave marker included with the memorial includes the following names:

Sgt. Charles W. Puckett (1892-1938); Sgt. Clarence L. Maynard (1899-1939); Trooper Robert F. Giles (1930-1954); Trooper Warren Y. Harless (1930-1968); and Trooper Andrew D. Fox (1984-2012).

“What a genuine honor for the Virginia State Police to receive a work of art such as this,” said Capt. Chappell. “We can’t thank Mr. Harris and Mr. Reed enough for going to such lengths to create a meaningful tribute to our fallen. It will be placed on display with great pride at our Division headquarters.”

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