Event honors path of former rail line

Photos by Marty Gordon Ignacio Moore was the overall top finisher in Saturday’s Huckleberry Jam Point to Point 7.4 mile run that finished at the Christiansburg Recreation Center. Moore’s time was 44:05.

As Ignacio Moore crossed the finish line of Saturday’s Huckleberry Jam Point-to-Point race, he received a metal railroad spike to remember the day by. Moore was the overall finisher in the event with a time of 44:05 that started at Runabout Sports in Blacksburg and traveled 7.4 miles along the Huckleberry Trail to the Christiansburg Recreation Center.

Each runner received the commemorative souvenir.

Race Director Stephen Howard said it was only fitting that runners receive the railroad spike.

Each finisher received a metal railroad spike to honor the path of the race along the former rail line.

“The Huckleberry Trail has a long history of following the path of the former rail line. So, we thought it was fitting to have a rail spike to remember the event by,” he said.

In addition, a railroad crossing was printed on the race t-shirts and on winning medals.

This was the third year for the event.

Carrie Jensen was the first female finisher in Saturday’s race with a time of 52:05.

Kevin McGuire was the second place overall finisher in Saturday’s race with Carrie Jensen the first female to cross the line. Laura Puckett was the second female finisher with a time of 53:23.

Kevin McGuire of Blacksburg was the second male runner in the event with a time of 44:58.

Overall awards were given to the top three male and female finishers, and medals were given to the top two in male and female categories in 12 age groups.

Finishing results of May 6, 2017, Huckleberry Jam, Point to Point Blacksburg to Christiansburg:

  1. Ignacio Moore, 44:05

  2. Kevin McGuire, 44:58

  3. Bradley Paye, 45:02

  4. Bryan Plunkett, 45:12

  5. Scott Huxtable, 45:55

  6. Brian Walter, 46:25

  7. Dylan Cowell, 48:54

  8. Erik Olsen, 50:53

  9. Dan Montgomery, 51:43

  10. Carrie Jensen, 52:05

  11. Jon Link, 52:35

  12. Laura Puckett, 53:23.

  13. Christiana Lee, 54:20

  14. Nathan Hall

  15. Emro Gjata

  16. Brandon Langlinais

  17. Alexa Brooks

  18. Bill Himes

  19. Trish Richardson

  20. Randy Burrier

  21. Sarah Langlinais

  22. Matt Lyerly

  23. Darrell Loudermilk

  24. Eugene Kaiser

  25. Gemma Grove

  26. Amy Pruden

  27. Nicky Mitchell

  28. Marcia Wright

  29. Erik Stallings

  30. Kirk Pearce

  31. Quentin Petry

  32. John Bianchi

  33. Tom Inzana

  34. Jillian Ostick

  35. Travis Hawley

  36. Amanda Logan

  37. John Wilson

  38. Kim Kitts

  39. Julia Gonke

  40. Amanda Gwinn

  41. Diana Francis

  42. Michelle Walter

  43. Dimple Mozhi

  44. Katelyn Kast

  45. Crystal Bowden

  46. Tyler Lawnichak

  47. Karen Weber

  48. James Rice

  49. Andy Hansbrough

  50. Scott Bennett

  51. Frank Finch

  52. Linsey Marr

  53. Susan Bathgate

  54. Emily Vanderbrink

  55. Kristen Eccleton

  56. Meghan Copley

  57. Verena Riley

  58. Carol Kroeger

  59. Kayla McClung

  60. William Mayo

  61. Jan Hencke

  62. Susan Terwilliger

  63. Holly Cannon

  64. Gretchen Merix

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