Radford Land Transfers – April 2017

The following land transfers were recorded in the Radford Courthouse in April. The names of only one seller and one buyer are listed; there may be others.

• Adam W. Nelson to Whitney K. Stokes, lot, High Meadows, $207,000

• Eugene C. A. Learn to Christopher Willey, lot, Cumberlea, $270,500

• Donald K. Taylor to Genna Turner, lot, Sutherland Manor, $137,00

• Gary Mullins to Paul W. Zartman, lot, $139,900

• Deutsche Bank National Trust to Joe Brunk, lot, Wilson Subdivision, $91,100

• Shah Development to James R. Taylor, lot, The Seventh Street Subdivision, $192,500

• Richard M. Meredith II to Kelsey R. Neighbors, lot, $91,500

• Christopher D. Gardner to Harvey Enterprises, lot, Sunset Village, $82,500

• Juanita Hurt Wood, Devisee to April D. Turner, lot, College Park Townhomes, $158,100

• Angela R. Hagwood to Harvey Enterprises, lot, $137,000

• William G. Webb to 1117 East Main, LLC, no description listed, $140,500

• Ashley R. Alexander to Dallis A. Conner, lot, $105,000

• JP Morgan Mortgage to Mark F. Williams, lot, Cumberlea, $266,000

• Hazel B. Bratton to Steve W. Rainey, lots, $139,900

• Brenda G. Walker to Christopher D. Gardner, no description listed, $188,800

• Clark L. Blaise to Amy R. Tan, lot, Radford Industrial Center, $1,707,600

• Shah Development to Rusty Holt, lot, The Seventh Street Subdivision, $193,000

• Gray R. Pitchford to Jean L. DeHart, lot, $153,000

• Rusty J. Holt to Amanda S. Simpkins, lot, $110,900

• Margaret S. Shaw to Mitchell R. Mattney, lot, Smithfield, $225,600

• Holly W. Allen to Laura A. Harris, lot, Woodlawn, $138,000

• Mary S. Whitt to William F. Fry, no description listed, $165,000

• Laura J. Jacobsen to Christian M. Rippe, 2 lots, $239,900

• ALG Trustee to Bank of New York Mellon, 2 lots, $57,000

• Marian O. DeHart to Robert E. Dawson, lot, $125,000

• William G. Price to Jamie K. Lau, 0.6115 acres, $326,100

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