Water Rates – Letter to the Editor

Last month several articles were published in the newspaper concerning increased water rates for the coming year. Each article indicated that only Christiansburg was raising rates. (“Christiansburg is Raising Utility Rates” – June 1, 2017, RT)

Christiansburg will be raising water rates effective July1, 2017, but Blacksburg, Montgomery County and Virginia Tech will be doing the same in the coming months.

All four organizations receive water from the same source. When the water authority raises the wholesale cost using localities must follow suite.

The major reason for the increased expenses at this time is the water plant that provides our water needs to be up-graded.

The plant was built began operations in 1957, and was last up-graded in 1977. Water plants of this nature are usually up-graded every 20 years, but to keep costs down improvements have been reduced for several years.

The water plant is now in a positions that the plant needs to be up-graded at this time, or risk serious water problem for the community.

The cost will be approximately $27 million. All four members of the water authority will share the up-grading costs.

Steve Huppert

Christiansburg Town Council

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