Grant subsidy makes neutering cats and dogs more affordable

A beagle in his owner’s arms during pick-up.

Mountain View Humane (53 B West Main Street) in Christiansburg has received a $6,000 grant from the Petco Foundation.

In its thank you to the Foundation, Mountain View Humane said the grant would reduce the cost of spay/neuter fees and enable the clinic to provide additional free transports.

Spaying a female dog without the subsidy costs $85 and neutering a male costs $80. Spaying a cat costs less: usually $70 and neutering a male cat costs $65. Dogs heavier than 60 pounds can cost more.

Dr. Meghan Byrnes performing surgery on a cat.

“This generous grant will enable us to better serve the community by making affordable spay and neuter surgeries available to all regardless of a person’s ability to pay,” Executive Director Sylvie H Peterson said.

The grant supports a subsidy that will bring the price of dog spay/neuter surgeries down to $45 and cat spay/neuter surgeries down to $35.

Those interested in taking advantage of this grant should complete a financial aid application on the Mountain View Humane website ( and provide proof of income.

Mountain View Humane provides high-quality, affordable spay/neuter services in southwestern Virginia and southern West Virginia at the Waldron-Ricci Spay Neuter Clinic on Main Street.

Two dogs slowly waking up on the heated recovery mat post-surgery.

“We have performed over 68,000 surgeries on public, shelter, and rescue animals,” Peterson said. “Our mission is to create a community where there are no homeless cats or dogs,” the announcement said.

For more information, contact Mountain View Humane at (540) 382-0222 or

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