Missing goat making rounds in Christiansburg

Christiansburg has a rambling goat several people are calling “Houdini” after his escape from captivity at a nearby livestock market.

Marty Gordon

The story of a traveling goat is making its rounds on social media, and animal control officers in Christiansburg have not been able to snag him.

Apparently, the 100-pound animal was sold over two weeks ago at the livestock market off Cambria Street and escaped from his enclosure. Since then, he has been spotted everywhere from North Franklin to Roanoke Street. The goat now even has his own Facebook page titled “Houdini, the Christiansburg Goat.”

Since Sept. 1, the Christiansburg police department has received five calls of goat sightings.

The owners have been contacted and have tried to recapture the goat, according to Christiansburg spokeswoman Melissa Demmitt.

To date, however, all attempts to capture the goat have been unsuccessful. “We will continue to respond as needed if the animal creates a traffic hazard and will try to assist the owners with catching it when possible,” she said.

For updates, visit Houdini’s Facebook page.

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