Blacksburg Transit testing electric buses


Blacksburg Transit is testing two 35-foot electric buses through Friday of this week. A New Flyer bus was tested Monday through today, and a Proterra bus will be tested Thursday and Friday.

BT is testing these buses as part of the process of purchasing three 35-foot electric buses. The purchase of two 35-footers and two 60-foot electric buses is possible through funding supported by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the Environmental Mitigation Trust (VW Trust), statewide transit capital funding and other local, state and federal sources.

The demo electric buses are being used on BT routes during their time in Blacksburg, and passengers will have a chance to ride them. Additionally, the electric buses will be fare free during the demonstration period. The buses will be assigned to routes on a daily basis, so please contact if you would like to know where the bus will be on a specific day.