Blacksburg Rotary Club Names Paul Harris Fellows

Honored by the Rotary Club of Blacksburg were (L-R) club exchange student Rocio Fernandez, Susan Hincker, Victoria B. Mullaney and Cora Gnegy,  Area Governor for A9.

The Rotary Club of Blacksburg named five new Paul Harris Fellows, 13 multiple Paul

Harris Fellows and one major donor at their weekly meeting on Thursday, Jan. 9. Two club members, Ken D’Amato and Terri Mauk, were named as first-time fellows, as was non-

Rotarian Victoria Brown Mullaney. She was honored by her sister, Christy.

Susan Hincker, wife of member Larry Hincker was honored for her contribution to cataloging the club’s records. Rocio Fernandez was honored as the club’s exchange student from Chile. She is a senior at Blacksburg High School and is staying with Mike and Jane Aronson during her time in the states.

Multiple Paul Harris Fellows named were Chris French and Karen Stemen as +1; Michael Abraham, Christy Brown and Doug Smartt as +2; Mike Snyder as +3; Dan Carper, Eric Johnsen, Fred Meyers and Peter Weimerskirch as +4; Paula Alston as +5; and John Brown as +8. A +4 was also given to Rob Jones, the son of Joe Jones, a 33-year member who passed away on August 25. Philo Hall was honored as a major donor to the Rotary Foundation.

The Paul Harris awards are named for the founder of Rotary. Being named Paul Harris Fellows is a way of honoring Rotarians for their commitment to Rotary and for their donations to the Rotary Foundation. In 1917, then-Rotary President Arch Klumph announced his idea for an endowment fund dedicated to “doing good in the world.”

With this short statement, Klumph inspired the establishment of the Rotary Foundation. Today, the foundation helps clubs and districts work together to perform meaningful, sustainable service. A top-rated and award-winning, the Rotary Foundation  has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects that help people in need around the world get clean water, reliable sanitation, medical care, literacy and education help, and other essentials.