Commonwealth of Virginia VA CODE § 8.01-316

Case No. JJ018642-04-00

Montgomery County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

In re

Waylon Michael Smith



Michael D. Smith

The object of this suit is to: Terminate the residual parental rights of Michael D. Smith, legal parent of Waylon Michael Smith a minor, in that said parent has, without good cause, failed to correct the conditions which resulted in the child entering foster care and it is not reasonably likely that they will be able to do so in a reasonable amount of time, failed to maintain continuing contact with the child and substantially plan for the child’s future. Residual parental rights include, but are not limited to the right to visitation, consent to adoption, the right to determine religious affiliation, and the responsibility for support. The termination of your residual parental rights will permanently end all of your rights and responsibilities to the child named in the petition.

It is ORDERED that Michael D. Smith appear at the above-named Court and protect her interests on or before

March 25, 2020



Amie Blankenship


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