a Political Subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia,

Case No. CL19002200-00







The object of this suit is to enforce the lien of the Complainant, County of Montgomery, Virginia, for delinquent real estate taxes against certain real property located in the County of Montgomery, Virginia, described as follows:

Tax Map No. 091-A 4B

Account No. 011608


All that certain piece or parcel of land, situated, lying and being in the Riner Magisterial District of Montgomery County, Virginia, together will all improvements thereon and appurtenances thereunto, more particularly designated and described as follows:


BEGINNING at the center of the ridge road in a line of the property belonging now or formerly to Etta Spauldin and running; thence, three (3) lines with the Spauldin land, S. 2 degrees W. 88 rods to a White Pine stump on the North side of hollow; thence, N. 57 1/2 degrees E. 23 rods to a large Chestnut Oak on the North side of the hollow; thence, S. 88 1/2 degrees E. 93 rods to two Red Oaks and a Chestnut Oak on a East hillside, a corner to Lawrence’s land (now or formerly); thence with two (2) lines thereof, S. 1 degree W. 44 rods to a Hickory at the head of a hollow; thence, S. 26 1/2 degrees E. 18 3/4 rods to a dead Black Oak on the top of the ridge, a corner to property now or formerly of A.L. Payne; thence, with several of his lines and the top of the ridge, S. 81 degrees W. 19 1/2 rods to a Chestnut Oak; thence, S. 75 degrees W. 16 1/2 rods to a small White Pine and small Walnut; thence, S. 85 degrees W. 15 1/4 rods to a large Hickory; thence, S. 50 degrees W. 12 1/2 rods to a Chestnut Oak stump 1 1/2 rods South of a ledge of rocks; thence, S. 45 degrees W. 7 rods, more or less, to the corner of land formerly sold to J.O. Silvers, and with same due North to the corner of W.S. Daniels land (now or formerly), known as the Sulphur Springs Land; thence, with two (2) lines thereof, N. 36 1/2 degrees W. 78 1/2 rods to three Hickories and stone in Big Hollow; thence, N. 37 degrees W. 97 rods to a Maple in a hollow, a corner to land sold formerly to Maggie Hinkle; thence, with same, and up the hollow, N 57 degrees E. 10 rods; thence, N. 45 degrees E. 9 1/2 rods to a gum in the hollow; thence, N. 44 degrees E. 16 rods to a stake in the West side of the road known now or formerly as Deyerle road; thence, along the West side thereof, N. 60 degrees W. 6 rods to a Pine stump; thence, N. 55 degrees W. 6 rods; thence, N. 45 degrees W. 6 rods to the said road; thence, with the road and with the land formerly sold to David Hinkle in an easterly direction, about 80 rods to the BEGINNING, containing 120 acres, more or less.


And being the same land conveyed to Janie B. Lynn from Maxine G. Spiers, by Deed, dated April 22, 1961 and recorded in the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in Deed Book 227 at Page 361 on May 3, 1961.  Janie B. Lynn died intestate on June 26, 1990, survived by her husband, Clyde W. Lynn, Sr., as her sole heir-at-law.  Clyde W. Lynn, Sr. died intestate on November 1, 1996, survived by four children, Donna Alvis Banks, Clyde W. Lynn, Jr., Connie Mack Lynn, and Karen Lynn Smith, and his wife, Lisa Brumfield Lynn.   Clyde W. Lynn, Jr. conveyed his interest to NRB&T Properties, a limited liability company, by Deed, dated May 9, 2013 and recorded in the aforementioned Clerk’s Office by Instrument Number 2013004271 on May 10, 2013.


This description is made subject to all easements, conditions, agreements, restrictions, and reservations of record which affect the property herein described including but not limited to those recorded in Deed Book 385 at Page 21, Deed Book 430 at Page 705, Deed Book 466 at Page 204.

IT APPEARING that an Affidavit has been made and filed stating that due diligence has been used, without effect, to ascertain the identity and location of certain parties to be served, that the last known addresses for the Respondents herein are as follows: Donna Alvis Banks, whose last known address is 3930 Morehead Lane, Pulaski, Virginia  24301; Karen Lynn Smith aka Karyn Lynn, whose last known address is 108 Jeffries Drive, Apt. K, Radford, Virginia  24141; Connie Mack Lynn, whose last known address is 475 Depot St. NE, Christiansburg, Virginia  24073; and that any officers, heirs, devisees, and successors in title of the Respondent named herein are made parties Respondent to this action individually and/or by the general description of Parties Unknown, it is hereby

ORDERED that the parties herein and all Parties Unknown and/or whose location cannot be ascertained appear on or before July 16, 2020 in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of the County of Montgomery, Virginia, and do what may be necessary to protect their interests in this cause.


Entered on the 4th day of June, 2020.


Erica W. Conner


Ashley D. Smith

Deputy Clerk


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