Radford man arrested in domestic assault incident

Travis Nelson Robson has been remanded to the NRV Regional Jail.

Travis Nelson Robson, 23, of Radford, has been arrested and jailed in connection with a domestic incident that resulted in four criminal charges.

Responding to a report of domestic violence, Radford City police officers answered a call to the 300 block of Third Avenue on Monday, June 22, at 9:15 p.m. The officers found a female victim who had been assaulted by Robson, her live-in boyfriend.

The victim had been pinned to the ground, struck several times and had been physically restrained so she could not leave the residence or call for emergency services. She had managed to kick out a bedroom window screen, escape and summon help from a passerby. The victim was treated at the scene for minor injuries by Radford Fire and EMS personnel.

Robson was arrested and charged with felony abduction (Virginia code section 18.2 – 47), misdemeanor domestic assault (code secton18.2 – 57.2), misdemeanor interfering with access to emergency services (code section 18.2 – 164) and misdemeanor public intoxication (code section 18.2 – 388).

Robson was treated and released at New River Valley Medical Center for dog bites from the couple’s dog received during the incident. He has been remanded to the New River Valley Regional Jail without bond.

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